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User Guide

Add Team Members to a Company Account

To add team members to your company's account:

  1. Highlight your initials in the left navigation menu, and then click Team.

    The Manage user accounts for your company page appears.

    At this point, there is only one account; the Owner account.

  2. Click Add New User.

    The Invite a Team Member dialog appears.

  3. First name—Enter the team member's first name.

  4. Last name—Enter the team member's last name.

  5. Job title—Enter the team member's job title.

  6. Access level of user—Select the level of access that the new user will have on the system.

  7. Email address—Enter the user's email address.

    DCN uses this to send an invitation to log in to the system.


    Administrators can add and delete team members. Team members cannot add or remove other team members.

  8. Click Send Invite to create the new user account.

    The process completes when the new user clicks the link in their email invitation and logs in to the system. Until that happens, the account stays in the Invite sent status.