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User Guide

Create a Company Account and Personal Account

  1. Navigate to in your browser.

  2. Click Create an Account.

  3. Click Get Started.

  4. Enter your company information:

    1. Enter the company name.

    2. Enter the company website address.

    3. Select a company location.

      You can select multiple locations.

    4. Select the company business sector.

    5. Select a category for the number of company employees.

  5. Click Next.

    The Your Personal Profile page appears. As the default user, enter your personal details and create a password.

  6. Enter your personal details and create a password. You will be the default user, with full administrative rights.

  7. Read the terms and privacy notice, and check the box to acknowledge that you have read them and accept them.

  8. Click Create Account to complete the default user account setup.