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Data Privacy Platform AWS Deployment Guide

Deployment Overview

This section presents an overview of the steps to follow to deploy Privitar AWS in an AWS Cloud environment. For each step described a link is provided to the appropriate section in the document that describes the procedure to follow to complete that step.


You should not complete any actions required for this deployment as an AWS Account 'root' user. Instead, choose a lower privileged IAM user or role when following these steps.





Read Pre-requisites

Ensure that you have the resources to deploy Privitar AWS. This includes:

  • Privitar AWS resources

  • AWS Cloud resources

See, Pre-requisites for deploying Privitar AWS


Bootstrap AWS CDK

Perform the initial setup and configuration of the AWS CDK resources that are required to deploy Privitar AWS in your AWS Cloud.

See, Bootstrap AWS Cloud Development Kit


Upload the Privitar AWS Binaries

Upload the Privitar AWS binaries to an AWS S3 location.

See, Copying the Privitar AWS Binaries


Deploy Privitar AWS

Configure the Privitar AWS CloudFormation template to create a Stack containing the resources that are required by Privitar AWS.

If the Stack is successfully created, CodePipeline will be automatically triggered to deploy Privitar AWS.

See, Deploy Privitar AWS