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Data Privacy Platform AWS Deployment Guide

Compatibility with the Privitar platform

Privitar AWS contains most of the features of the Privitar platform application running in other types of environments. This includes:

  • Importing schemas from AWS Glue Data Catalog

  • Creating and running masking or unmasking jobs using AWS Glue ETL

  • Embedding and extracting watermarks

  • Masking rules and manual generalization (without k-anonymity)

  • Running jobs on Privitar On Demand or AWS EMR (separate deployment of these 2 components is required)

The following features of the Privitar platform are not present in the current version of Privitar AWS:

  • Usage of Encrypt rule in AWS Glue Jobs

  • Kerberos authentication for EMR

  • Automatic generalization and k-anonymity in AWS Glue Jobs

  • Supporting multiple tables masking/unmasking with a single AWS Glue Job