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Data Privacy Platform AWS Deployment Guide

Updating Privitar AWS

The Privitar AWS binaries consist of all the required software to run the Privacy Platform in an AWS Cloud environment. Any update for Privitar AWS will be supplied to you as a zip file from Privitar.

To update Privitar AWS:

  1. Copy the new zip file from the Privitar AWS S3 bucket to the appropriate S3 bucket in your AWS Cloud environment.

    The S3 bucket location for your AWS Cloud environment is defined by the following parameters that were defined when the Privitar AWS stack was created:

    • CdkInfrastructureZipBucket

    • CdkInfrastructureZipKey

    (For more information about copying files to an S3 bucket, see Copying the Privitar AWS Binaries.)

  2. Copying a new zip file to the S3 bucket, will automatically trigger AWS CodePipeline to begin to re-deploy the new version of Privitar AWS.

  3. If the re-deployment is successful:

    • CloudFormation will report UPDATE_COMPLETE in the Status column.

      This means that the CloudFormation template has been successfully updated. (If the template has failed to update for any reason, see AWS CloudFormation User Guide - Troubleshooting.)

    • CodePipeline will report Succeeded in the Status column.

      This means that all the stages in CodePipeline have been successful and the update to Privitar AWS has been successfully deployed. (If the deployment has failed for any reason, see AWS CodePipeline User Guide - Troubleshooting.)

  4. To confirm that Privitar AWS has been re-deployed, enter the URL of the deployment.

    For example:

    Enter the URL in a browser, the Privitar AWS login screen is displayed.

    If the deployment has been successful, the displayed Version of the platform will display the updated version number of the software: