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Data Privacy Platform AWS Deployment Guide

Using Privitar AWS

This section describes some initial setup tasks for using Privitar AWS, following a new installation.

This section assumes that you have just deployed a new version of the platform, as described in Deploy Privitar AWS.

In summary, the main setup tasks that you need to perform before you can use Privitar AWS to de-identify your data are listed below. For each task, there is a reference to to the specific section of this guide that provides more information:

  • Setup Users and Teams. See, Managing Roles in the Privitar User Guide.

  • Setup your AWS Glue Environment. See, AWS Glue Environment Configuration in the Privitar User Guide.

To begin using Privitar AWS, you need to:

  1. Define a schema for the new input data. See, Creating a Schema from an AWS Glue Data Catalog in the Privitar User Guide.

  2. Create a policy representing the de-identification operations required. See, Creating a Policy in the Privitar User Guide.

  3. Define the Protected Data Domain (PDD) to be used as the destination for all data related to the use case in question. See, Creating a PDD in the Privitar User Guide.

  4. Based on the policy, create and execute a job. This is done by selecting a policy and a destination Protected Data Domain. See, Creating a Batch Job and Running a Batch Job in the Privitar User Guide.