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API User Guide


Authorize REST actions on the API by passing a bearer authentication token into the header. The host server must first generate and return this JSON Web Token (JWT) to you by the host server in the following way.

Issue a POST request to the /graph/enterprise-management/v1/registration/login endpoint. To do this locally, open a terminal and use this cURL command:

curl --data '{"username": "YOUR EMAIL","password": "YOUR PASSWORD"}' \
--header "accept:*/*" \
--header "content-type:application/json" -k \
--url "https://<your_DSP_environment_url>/graph/enterprise-management/v1/registration/login"

Replace YOUR EMAIL and YOUR PASSWORD with your platform email address and password. Replace <your_DSP_environment_URL> with the URL of your host server.

Press Enter.

If successful, the response text is your JWT. Note that if you execute the command from a zsh shell, your terminal will append a % symbol at the end (to let you know that there was no new line). When you copy the JWT, don't include that symbol.

You can now use the bearer token in Swagger, Postman, and other requests to the platform APIs.