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API User Guide

Submitting REST API Requests

To try out REST API calls from the Privitar Data Security Platform​ REST API documentation, go to:


To call a REST API on the platform, you send a request to the server, incorporating all the information required to tell the server what you want it to do. This must include the following:

  • the relevant REST API method

  • the URL

  • the request parameters, including:

    • the bearer token that represents the authorization details

    • for PUT and DELETE endpoints, the object (term, data class, and so on) ID

    • the exchange ID

    To obtain the exchange ID:

When the server finishes the call, it sends a response back to you, letting you know whether or not the operation was successful. In the event of a successful call, the response includes the data that you requested in the body section. The header section contains metadata about the response.