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Release Notes

Known Issues and Limitations

Upgrading from DSP v1.0.x to v1.1.0

  • When you upgrade to DSP v1.1.0, be sure to upgrade your data plane before using the v1.1.0 data proxy driver.

Data Consistency

  • Data consistency will not be retained between data tokenized in DSP v1.0.1 and any subsequent releases.

Asset Registration

  • Names are case-sensitive when registering an asset, schema, or table.

  • If there is an error when authenticating and registering an asset through a connection, the error message may not contain enough information to indicate the exact cause of the problem. Please validate that the provided JDBC URL and credentials are correct.


  • The platform does not fully support Boolean data types. Using them in cell-level transformations might result in a SQL error.


  • When a data consumer edits a published project, the project moves to "In Draft" status, preventing data consumers from being able to consume data until a data guardian re-approves the project.

  • When navigating to the list of draft projects, the page might initially display a “Page not found” message. However, refreshing the page will correctly display the list of draft projects.

  • When editing a rejected project, a data consumer can remove all but one asset. A rejected project requires at least one asset so a data consumer can re-submit it for approval. It is not possible to add additional assets to a rejected project.

Business Information

  • You cannot edit or remove any data classes, terms, or tags that are in use.

  • You cannot edit the predefined values for purpose and location.

Dynamic Query Access (Data Proxy)

  • If there is an error when authenticating a connection, the error message may not contain enough information to indicate the exact cause of the problem. Please validate the connection URL, credentials, and TrustStore certificate are correct.

  • When submitting a query of literal string values through the platform to an Apache Spark database, non ASCII characters in the body of the query might result in an error. To avoid this, add _utf8 before the string value, for example select _utf8'ꤸꥍꤾ’.


  • When using the REST API to create a new asset, the platform creates the asset in Draft status, and a data guardian must approve it in order to publish it.

  • In order to create transformation policies, transformation rules, and access control rules with a conditional trigger based on the value of a location, purpose, or other attribute type, you must include the universal unique identifier (UUID) of that attribute type. You can find the UUID by inspecting the Network tab of your browser's dev tools while using the platform's user interface.

User Role Assignment

  • When changing the user role assignment of a user or group, it may take a few moments for the change to take effect. You should log in to the platform again for the changed role assignment to take effect.

User Management (LDAP User Registry)

  • Adding a new group to an LDAP registry may take up to 24 hours to replicate to the platform. If a user that is a member of that group, logs in to the platform, that group will be replicated to the platform immediately. If the group isn’t being replicated in the platform, it will not appear in the group search when adding groups to an exchange.