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Administration Guide

Architectural Overview

This section describes the architectural concepts of the Privitar Data Security Platform​ that you should read and understand before continuing to configure it. There are several components:

The platform creates a clear division between:

  • The data plane: The independent software services that can directly access and transform data. These services include the data agent and data proxy components.

  • The control plane: Those services that control access to the data, but do not directly access it. These services include the data exchange, which allows data owners to classify sensitive datasets, and data consumers to access them, without compromising data safety.

Each organization has a control plane. Within this, one or more enterprises are deployed. An enterprise can have multiple data exchanges, and there can be commonalities across all the data exchanges in an enterprise, such as in user management.

The user registry is the first part of the platform that an enterprise administrator configures. They make decisions on the use of LDAP or the internal user registry. They also make fundamental platform decisions on user and group management. See Enterprise Administration.