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Administration Guide

Create Your Initial Data Exchange

Enterprise administrators create data exchanges within within the enterprise, which exchange administrators subsequently edit and manage.

  1. Log in as enterprise administrator.

  2. From the enterprise console, click Create Exchange.

    The Create a New Exchange page appears.

  3. Name of Exchange —Enter a name for the new data exchange.

    This automatically becomes the first part of the data exchange URL in the Exchange URL field.

    If you prefer the name of the exchange to be logical and business friendly, edit the URL. For example, "The Acme Bank of North America and Canada" would give you "acme-bank-of-nort". You can change that to a simplified and supported URL, such as "acme-bank".

  4. Add an optional description of the exchange in Add Description.

  5. Click Create to create the new data exchange.

    The Data Exchanges page appears showing the exchange you have created. When you return to create other exchanges, this page displays all previously created data exchanges.

  6. Click Open Data Exchange (the box with the arrow).

    The enterprise administrator who created the exchange is the default administrator for that data exchange. However, it is usually the exchange administrator who subsequently edits the data exchange to create data planes and polices, rules, and assets. See Data Exchanges and Planes.Data Exchanges and Planes

Click the top-right button, which displays either initials or an avatar, then click View Exchange to access the exchange admin console.

The Overview tab shows the date of creation and who created the exchange. It also shows which enterprise the data exchange is tethered to. Users can use the URL as the address to directly log in to that data exchange.